About us

Tehran water supply and water and wastewater treatment Company is in charge of establishing and operation of clean water supply and transmission installations and also hygienic disposal and treatment of wastewater.

Main goals of Tehran water supply and wastewater treatment Company are as follow:

-          Study and execution of projects related to establishing and developing drinking water supply, transmission and treatment installations

-          Study and execution of projects related to establishing and developing transmission, treatment and hygienic sewage disposal installations

-          Observing hygienic principles, quality control and standards approved by Minister of Energy in water supply and sewage disposal and treatment processes

-          Operating, repairing, maintenance, mending, reconstructing and developing all installations of water supply, treatment, transmission and storage and also collecting mains over 1400 diameters, transition, treatment and hygienic disposal of sewage tunnels and protecting pipeline right-of-way

-          Using capacities of private section for study affairs, execution, operation and maintenance of water and wastewater installations

-          Installing water meters in all water delivery and sales points to water and wastewater companies or other special subscribes in order to control and reduce the non-revenue water rate and expenses and also to increase the operation and services rate

-          Investing in sub companies of Tehran province water and wastewater company and doing any kind of operations or trade that are beneficial and lead the company to achieve its goals

-          Legal integration of Tehran wastewater management

-          Creating proper changes in management levels in order to improve the present situation

-          Quality development of human resources

-          Improving working methods and facilitating work conditions

-          Following the national water and wastewater section  of the vision statement

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